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God the mother speak to humanity


In all peoples who have received the Light, the idea of the Mother who gives birth to greatness has always been celebrated and honored as a sacred and divine mystery.

What Happens After Death

The Essenes have always been interested in the Mysteries of death. The ancient sages and guides of humanity, like the Pharaohs, the Buddha, and Master Saint John, knew a part of these secrets, which were transmitted only to initiates. In the continuity of the Tradition, the contemporary Essenes develop this knowledge, which is that of the creation of the body of immortality.

The Cow as an Initiatory Symbol

*Translation Disclaimer: This book has been translated from it’s original version in French by “machine translation,” which does not match the quality of human translation, and errors in translation may result.*
The Book of the Cow of Heaven is very special. It’s a very old book. Archaeologists have discovered it in the tombs of very great pharaohs. For the Essene tradition, this book predates the civilization of the Pharaohs and even predates several other civilizations that preceded it. This book belongs to what some have called the “primordial tradition”, that is, the original tradition…

The Prophecy of the Buddha


This book stems from a series of teachings given by Olivier Manitara within the framework of the Round of Archangels,1 at the time of conferences but also through rituals, prayers, meditations, experience, atmospheres, and a communion of soul…

The Path of Enlightenment


In May 2011, Olivier Manitara undertook a series of conferences on the themes of Adam and Eve and the three lineages of humanity: Cain, Abel and Enoch…

The Essene Religion


Friend reader, The books of the Essene wisdom are for you.
How do we know? They are simply for all beings. The Essene wisdom is beyond fashion and cultures…

I Saw the Rising of a New Humanity

This book is not intended to dictate absolute rules for a future humanity of light but merely to report the facts of an experience and the teachings of an ancient and sacred tradition. The author testifies that a superior human consciousness exists. This consciousness joins that which all peoples have called “God” and in all ages we can find men who celebrated “man inhabited by the divine.”