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The Magical Power of Salt


The great Archangel Uriel has transmitted the power of magic to the Essene Nation and to each Essene holding the sacred rope of the Round of Archangels. This is a historic event that took place during the celebration of its Festival of Light in 2018.

Solve & Coagula


The secrets of the philosophical stone and immortality have always intrigued the minds in search of mystical knowledge but were revealed only to the initiates… until today. During the celebration of Archangel Uriel at the midsummer of 2010, Olivier Manitara gave teachings on the alchemical science of solve and coagula, reviving a lost wisdom, metamorphosing a dead knowledge into a living one.

Theurgic Dialogue with the Mother


At the beginning of the 2010 Essene Summer University, the Mother gave a message to Olivier Manitara for all the Essenes who had come to rebuild their bodies connected to the elements or purify their subtle senses.

The Secret Book of the Essene Magi


Almost every sentence of this book is the essence of a meditation. It is a masterly compendium of an ancestral, traditional science, of a forgotten savoir-faire, resurrected through the words of Olivier Manitara…

The Path of Enlightenment


In May 2011, Olivier Manitara undertook a series of conferences on the themes of Adam and Eve and the three lineages of humanity: Cain, Abel and Enoch…

The Mysteries of the Spirit


For the Essenes, the psalms of the Archangels are sacred, they are a divine revelation. The Archangels are the representatives of the Father, of God and of his superior intelligence. They are the authentic guides of humanity. That is why the Essenes collect the teachings of the Archangels with great care and meditate on them.

The Essene Religion


Friend reader, The books of the Essene wisdom are for you.
How do we know? They are simply for all beings. The Essene wisdom is beyond fashion and cultures…

Alchemy and the Secrets of Androgyny

At the approach of the summer solstice of 2011, in the energy of Archangel Uriel, Olivier Manitara presented to his students the eight rules of Uriel, which correspond to the esotericism of the teaching of the *Buddha on the eightfold path…