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The Cow as an Initiatory Symbol

*Translation Disclaimer: This book has been translated from it’s original version in French by “machine translation,” which does not match the quality of human translation, and errors in translation may result.*
The Book of the Cow of Heaven is very special. It’s a very old book. Archaeologists have discovered it in the tombs of very great pharaohs. For the Essene tradition, this book predates the civilization of the Pharaohs and even predates several other civilizations that preceded it. This book belongs to what some have called the “primordial tradition”, that is, the original tradition…

The Pyramid of the Initiates


While nature was getting ready to reappear and dash to the heights again, the Essenes gathered to celebrate the Father of air, the precious air, the immortal air, the sacred air, the great Archangel Raphael…