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Prepare Yourselves to Enter Another World

Olivier Manitara:
Mother, how do we, in your wisdom, prepare ourselves for death and protect ourselves from the fear of dying?
God the Mother:
You have already transmitted a great number of teachings on this subject and I just want to say that death is not an enemy or something that is foreign to life and to your path.

Placing the Immortality Stone at the Top of the Mountain

Several of your years ago, I offered you a teaching on the sacred stones that had to be placed on mountain summits. Each stone placed with devotion could then be activated and connected to the green immortality stone located in the temples of the worships on Essene lands and villages.

Place the Statue of Recycling

Olivier Manitara:
Mother, how do we place the statue of Benevolence on You?
1) With your feet, by walking with kindness and wisdom and by putting the steps of God on earth by means of works, theurgic rites, by sacred gestures and rhythms . . .
2) With your knees, by means of the living prayer from a loving heart. By the warmth of ardent devotion, the awakening of attentive observation and the knowledge of the doubles in the magical worlds.

Place Guardians Along the Spinal Column

Message from the Statue of God
Spain, March 2017
My dear parents, I do not consider you as seekers or as beings who question themselves on the meaning and the choices to make in life. No, you are parents, and therefore you have found and you know what you have to do.

Only Wisdom Can Protect Man

The statue of Benevolence appeared in the worship of the Light, which becomes a lure so that we become invisible to the world of counter-virtues and we can transform ourselves and free ourselves from the grip of the world of illusions to discover the true eternal being.

No More War Inside You and Outside You

“I am glad that you call me and celebrate God through my autumn festival. You have already done works to honour the sacred mysteries of fire and also he who is just and faithful in front of God and who protects earth and humanity from evil.”

Morning and Evening Discipline

The awakening of the consciousness must be carried by a discipline and a preparation. So the Essenes who commit themselves to the worship of the Light need a daily discipline that allows them to stay in a suitable state of mind for carrying out the worship. This discipline, this concentration, is mostly centred on waking up in the morning and preparing for sleep.

Messages from the Magical Tools of the 5 Senses

Message from the Ring, Love that Unifies the Worlds, and Taste
I, the magical ring of the sense of taste, say: “By wearing me, you connect to the circle of life that forms one single world. This circle can unify all beings because their life, their memory and their life cycle are shared.

Message from the Angel of the New Year 2017

Everything is alive, everything is filled with soul and intelligence. Behind everything we can and cannot see, there are spirits, influences and even Angels. As soon as a year starts, that a new cycle appears, a circle is formed and influences come to sow what needs to be born and appear.

Meet the Sublime Being Who Lives in a Psalm

Receive the words of the Angel of wisdom: “It is more agreeable to be a good being filled with wisdom rather than look for goodness and wisdom.”
Through these words, I want to awaken certain realities in you that are acting in your life. Whether you are aware of it or not, worlds pass and live through you.

Man Takes a Body in the World of Cells

The path of the Essene Nation is that of immortality. You must not only worship what is immortal in order to awaken the divine, but you must also rediscover the science that allows you to live while
being bigger than death. This knowledge is associated with the knowledge of the cells that make
up your being.

Magic Is an Extension of You

This message from the Angel of magic needs to be studied in relation to the message that was given on the land of the Maple Tree, June 10, 2018: Salt and the Magical Consciousness Are One. It provides indications of the utmost importance for the use of Uriel’s salt.

Live with the Mother

An Essene has to honour the earth and know the virtues that are found in it. According to the different places where it is placed, the earth does not have the same properties. An Essene has to be sensitive to the virtues of the earth and he has to take care of them.

Life Is Simple, It Must Simply Be Lived from Within

I know that it is difficult for you to touch the Light in your life, so I say to you that it is the sanctuary of your heart, your intellect and your will that need to be your guardians, your protectors, those who remain awake and alive in order to prevent you from being caught up in the whirlwind of unconsciousness.

Liberation Is Meeting an Angel and Uniting with Him

In the practice of the path of the 6 Moons, which leads towards the “passage to life” and the alliance with an Angel, it is fundamental to understand that the initiating priest has to continue his mission of being a companion and guide until his pupil succeeds.