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No More War

*Translation Disclaimer: This book has been translated from it’s original version in French by “machine translation,” which does not match the quality of human translation, and errors in translation may result.*
Everyone talks about peace and wants it more than anything, yet we have never been at war more than today. War is present and widespread everywhere, it governs our daily lives, it is our greatest economic resource and it is at the head of all the most up-to-date scientific research.

Unite the Serpent of Life to the Wisdom of the Gods

My initiation is a way to approach to me. I represent life, magnetism and also, the one who walks towards the Light, intelligence and wisdom. To unite the serpent of life to the wisdom of the immortal Gods is great. To approach my initiation is to want to enter into my body and be with me.

Transmit a Body that Enables Living

This message, written on the Land of the Maple Tree, was transmitted in the temple in Catalonia, by a priest of the 4th step. Archangel Uriel reminds the Essenes, who have received and continue to receive an abundance of teachings, that they have to pass onto the practice in connection with the higher worlds, give birth to a body and transmit it in a living way.

The Ultimate Commitment to Walk with God

My dear parents and children, know that you are the living cells of the great body of God that is now being formed on this earth. It is forming or reforming itself, but you are the parents. It is good for you to remain aware of this. To give birth to life is not a game and you are in the situation of a parent, which makes it so that choice is no longer possible.

The Statue of Mani

From June 15 – 19, 2016, the Essenes were gathered in holy congregation to celebrate the great festival of Archangel Uriel. It was a special celebration because the last psalms of the Gospels of God were to be transmitted in the temple of the Light. For this occasion, an Essene made a statue of Mani to honour the memory of the great ancestor of the Essene Nation.

The Spirits in the Senses

Olivier Manitara:
Holy Angel, you say there are spirits that come into the senses and to perceive them, you have to learn to put to sleep the empire of the intellect connected to the mortal body so that the senses can be liberated and spirits can come live in them and rebuild them. Can you teach us, can you tell us which spirits we need to call?

The Spinning of the Diamond

What I have taught you is perfect. You can help your concentration with ceremonies and symbols, but nothing can replace the work on self and the path of inner awakening. There are techniques of splitting and of possession by spirits, but these paths are not recommended for those who aspire to unite with an Angel and carry him in their life.

The Serpent, Awakening and Movement

To arrive at wisdom, there is awakening and movement. The serpent is movement and also awakening, the awakening of the movement, of the consciousness, of the senses, but also the necessity to be vigilant, with right discernment.

The Reign of the Mother

Olivier Manitara:
Mother, You who are God, we have, on earth, honoured the great serpent of wisdom, that leads towards You. We have celebrated the ancestral rites that vivify the invisible worlds and enable man to get closer to You. Mother, do you have something to teach us about this land that You offer us in the holy name of Father Uriel?

The Powerful Magic of the Fourth Jubilee

You have just opened the circle of the Parents of God and you have 7 years to put this step, to strengthen it, organize it, make it clear and efficient in your life and on earth.
To put down a writing in its force is the first step. Then, you have to vivify it, animate it so that it shines an energy, a force that will allow it to conquer the outside worlds, to propage itself, to grow and to acquire a life field.

The Point of No-Return

Angel of Wisdom:
I would like to draw your attention to the fact that there is a point of no-return. I would like you to think about this point, this limit.
As souls incarnated on earth, you know that there is a limit not to go beyond. You have to know the point where you lose control of the situation. To know this point of no-return is fundamental.

The Lamb of God

The teaching transmitted on the lamb of God has been a great weakness for the Light and for the world of the Angels.
Men, greedy for power, understood that a world of innocence, purity and kindness that was able to calm certain dark spirits lived in the lamb. These men did not seek to honour the Light and to serve it, but they wanted to benefit and gain an advantage from this knowledge.

The Intelligences that Govern Europe

The celebration of the Round of Archangels and the appearance of the Essene Nation is the miracle of miracles. I would like for all those who honestly love God to be aware of this.
I especially address those who live in Europe. It is a beautiful territory and it is a beautiful idea to build a united Europe, but the work was not in the direction of a true evolution of Light and did not respect the sovereignty of the individual.

The Inner Earth Is Magic

Archangel Uriel:
I would so much like to pass on to you and make you understand the fundamentals and the essential laws of life. You are full of wishes, but you have to understand that to desire is not enough to make it real; above all you have to be stable, composed.

The Initiation of the 6 Moons

This discipline and this initiation, which consist in presenting in front of the portals of the world of Angels, to conclude an alliance with them and to work in harmony with their requirements, are dedicated only to those who are called to be creators on earth, active beings, capable of taking their destiny in hand to serve higher goals. By “higher,” I mean works animated by an immortal and liberating vision.