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What Happens After Death

The Essenes have always been interested in the Mysteries of death. The ancient sages and guides of humanity, like the Pharaohs, the Buddha, and Master Saint John, knew a part of these secrets, which were transmitted only to initiates. In the continuity of the Tradition, the contemporary Essenes develop this knowledge, which is that of the creation of the body of immortality.

Thought in the Subtle Worlds


Between February 2005 and March 2011, Olivier Manitara gave several lectures on thoughts and relationships, more precisely on hair, the threads of light, the invisible bonds that join man to his environment.

The Sense of Touch


The sense of touch is the basic sense: it produces awakening, it is the mother of all the other senses. It is also the sense that is the closest to the Mother. Touch is the whole skin: all of the skin is sensitive, animated. The other senses were elaborated in man’s body from the touch.

The Sense of Taste


Life has a taste, which can be bitter or sweet. You must know these tastes as well as the influences that are around. You must know to orientate yourself in life. You must become a being capable to live with a divine world while being a creator, connected to a higher world, by incarnating the intelligence of an Angel and by carrying out his works on the earth.

The Sense of Sight


In the Essene Tradition, the Initiation of the Five Senses is fundamental. The Essene must learn how to cleanse each one of his senses, take care of them and direct them towards various subtle worlds in order to open his consciousness, his intelligence and his sensitivity to higher realities that clarify existence and give a noble and great meaning to life.

Solve & Coagula


The secrets of the philosophical stone and immortality have always intrigued the minds in search of mystical knowledge but were revealed only to the initiates… until today. During the celebration of Archangel Uriel at the midsummer of 2010, Olivier Manitara gave teachings on the alchemical science of solve and coagula, reviving a lost wisdom, metamorphosing a dead knowledge into a living one.

Theurgic Dialogue with the Mother


At the beginning of the 2010 Essene Summer University, the Mother gave a message to Olivier Manitara for all the Essenes who had come to rebuild their bodies connected to the elements or purify their subtle senses.

December 2018 – The Mysteries of the Sun, of Bread and of Royalty

God the Light is the sun. The sun is light, aura of warmth and life. The sun is everything, but it cannot be without the earth. The sun and the earth are 2 complementary halves, in the image of the Father and the Mother. It is from their relationship and their blessed union that the light, warmth and life are born.

The Angel of Forgiveness


To this day, the Cathar genocide remained, so to speak, the only unconfessed and unrecognized crime of the Church of Rome. Why then ask for forgiveness, and not simply a pardon, only now, after nearly 800 years of voluntary silence?! It is this question that has gradually led me to this great reflection on forgiveness that I wish to share today.

To Speak with Me Is to Enter the Real

Olivier Manitara:
Mother, you say that intellectual wanting, feelings and desires do not enter into the real world. You declare that You are the real. You say that the desire to be with You, the feeling of knowing You and the light of the intellect do not allow us to meet You, for all this is under the magical control of the world of men and their philosophy. What about the psychics, mediums and channels who say they speak with You? 

The Essene Magical Books

The Essenes have not forgotten the origin of writing. Their Tradition tells us that their founding Father, Enoch, was the first to write magical signs on the earth allowing communication with the worlds of the spirits and the genies, even with the Angels, the Archangels and the Gods, which is much rarer.
For the Essenes, writing is essentially a sacred and magical art thanks to which man can not only write on a sheet of paper, but also in the more subtle spheres of his being, until reaching his immortal soul.

The Cow as an Initiatory Symbol

*Translation Disclaimer: This book has been translated from it’s original version in French by “machine translation,” which does not match the quality of human translation, and errors in translation may result.*
The Book of the Cow of Heaven is very special. It’s a very old book. Archaeologists have discovered it in the tombs of very great pharaohs. For the Essene tradition, this book predates the civilization of the Pharaohs and even predates several other civilizations that preceded it. This book belongs to what some have called the “primordial tradition”, that is, the original tradition…

You Must Learn to Protect Yourselves

You must walk on earth while having conscious and active alliances. Marriage is a fundamental act in the life of man on earth, meaning the art of forming profitable associations. Life is only made of exchanges and it is the nature of these that will make your success or your failure. If you have good alliances, you can undertake a great number of works, because you will be supported, assisted and protected.

Make a Life Field of Pure Light Appear

In this message, there is really something wonderful, there is the inner being of the Virgin. She was called “the Virgin” because she was totally impenetrable. Nothing of the fecundation of the dark, of evil, could enter into her, nothing touched her. She was not like a Buddha or an Awakened One. She was part of a family that was truly pure.

Consult the Oracle of God

In the distant past, oracles ruled the earth. Kings, priests consulted them and consequently the people were guided by the oracles. There were oracles from all the planets: the Moon, Mars, Venus . . . The most important were those of the Earth and the Sun. For each oracle, there were 7 temples. In these temples, beings lived with the Gods.