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April 2019 – Recognize God and Welcome Him

How beautiful was this initiation of God the Mother and this congress in the garden of Light!
After her initiation in the arms of the Mother, an Essene said: “Wonderful! I am no longer the same; I do not see things the same way anymore. At first, I hesitated because I am a novice in the Essene Nation and I thought maybe I should do my senses first, but now I recommend the initiation to the Mother before everything…

March 2019 – The Science of Trismegistus: the True Being Is a Ray of the Sun

You were born with a centre, with a fertile earth inside your body, with a potential. The real centre is not in the body, it is in the sun. The sun is the creative source of everything that exists in the solar system. Everything is the sun, comes from it and returns to it.
You come from the sun. Your body and also what has given birth to the body take care of it and it must be born from the body.

The 11th Rule of God the Mother


Message from God the Mother:
My 11th rule is to be caring.
To direct your loving attention and to be caring are an awareness, an attitude, a fundamental behaviour in my teaching and my presence. To be in my loving presence is to adopt, validate and set in motion my wisdom, my way of being in the world.

The 10th Rule of God the Mother


Message from God the Mother:
My tenth rule is genuineness.
Be genuine.
Do not transmit what you do not carry in you.
This rule is essential in the act of transmission and has to be honored. The future of humanity is contained in it.

The 8th Rule of God the Mother


Message from God the Mother:
Meditate on the fact that the 4 bodies form your body such as you experience it. In each of these bodies, there is a door that allows exchanges with the worlds that surround you. It is through these 4 bodies that the subtlety of the worlds incarnate in order to become real and taste existence through your body, but also through the innate creative power that you carry inside you and allows you to validate the worlds.

The Magical Power of Salt


The great Archangel Uriel has transmitted the power of magic to the Essene Nation and to each Essene holding the sacred rope of the Round of Archangels. This is a historic event that took place during the celebration of its Festival of Light in 2018.

God the mother speak to humanity


In all peoples who have received the Light, the idea of the Mother who gives birth to greatness has always been celebrated and honored as a sacred and divine mystery.

The Mission of Man as an Older Brother


Man wants to succeed and protect himself because he is driven by fear. He will cultivate semblants and become a false being to succeed, to be protected. He will then, in spite of himself, enter the lower worlds and become a creator in this stream of false beings.

The Strength of Strengths


Olivier Manitara said that he will dedicate this congress to the Mother, to devotion, to going towards the Mother, which is the same as the Essenes coming incredibly close to each other if they have an experience of the body, of being detached, of being much simpler…

Are You ready to Question Yourself?


The historical context is the transmission of the Book of the Heavenly Cow. An indescribable splendour appeared in the subtle worlds while the words of the book were given and explained. This is when the Angel of wisdom came…

Message From God the Mother on Disengagement


God the Mother comes into the temple to enlighten us.

“If a being starts to think in this way, it is simply because he is unfortunately not a parent. He is immature and childish. He is lying to himself and to life.

Do Not Pollute a Soul


As you read this message, you commune with the double of the statue of Recycling, which is a Divinity. You get in touch with it, that is, there is the being, there is you and there is space between the being and you…

Placing The Immortality Stone At The Top of The Mountain


Several of your years ago, I offered you a teaching on the sacred stones that had to be placed on mountain summits. Each stone placed with devotion could then be activated and connected to the green immortality stone located in the temples of the worships on Essene lands and villages…

The Cells that Awaken Immortality


Olivier Manitara
Holy Angel, by teaching us the need for and the key to purification of the 5 senses, you have pointed out the awakening of the cells that make immortality appear…