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The 22 Arcana


The Teaching comes towards you, it surrounds you and speaks to you from within. The Essene study books are there only to connect you to your inner source. They provide you with ideas, vibratory keys, forces, energies, not to impose anything, but rather to awaken, to allow the sublime to manifest itself…

The 4 Elements


In all first nations, initiations allow men and women to grow in wisdom and consciousness, pass through stages and take their place in life. The Initiations coming from the ancient wisdom of the Essenes fit into this tradition of inner discovery. Based on awareness and individual experience, they are a path of learning and awakening.

The Secret Prayer of Jesus


I was born on the shores of Lake Saint-Jean, in the Aboriginal community of Mashteuiatsh, in Quebec, Canada. My parents educated us in the Catholic religion, which was dear to their hearts. My mother transmitted to us the Christian ideal of giving freely…

I Saw the Rising of a New Humanity

This book is not intended to dictate absolute rules for a future humanity of light but merely to report the facts of an experience and the teachings of an ancient and sacred tradition. The author testifies that a superior human consciousness exists. This consciousness joins that which all peoples have called “God” and in all ages we can find men who celebrated “man inhabited by the divine.”

Alchemy and the Secrets of Androgyny

At the approach of the summer solstice of 2011, in the energy of Archangel Uriel, Olivier Manitara presented to his students the eight rules of Uriel, which correspond to the esotericism of the teaching of the *Buddha on the eightfold path…

June 2018 – The Authentic Knowledge

The 4 disciplines and practices are:
1) study;
2) devotion;
3) rites;
4) work.
This is the royal path of awakening the consciousness, the soul and the body.
You need to be a student and learn to concentrate so that in every situation the living knowledge, the bigger wisdom that enlightens, establishes order and liberates can appear.

April 2018 – Letter of Love

What joy is this historical alliance with God the Mother! It is wonderful because all the teachings and works carried out by our community of love during the past years, together working with one heart, all these works are in the process of being realized and acquiring a very special power, a new force.
In Her words of love, our Mother has insisted on the fact that She is real and She will lead us towards Her.

February 2018 – The Intervention of the Angel of Love in the Transmitted Teaching

Study, education and transmission of the light of knowledge are fundamental and have to be one of our primary activities.
To collect knowledge, give it a form in order to safeguard it and transmit it is the only work that will allow coming out of the slavery and domination of the darkness.
The statue of the Light is a receptacle for the knowledge that enlightens, edifies and liberates.
The worship of the Light is entirely dedicated to living knowledge, to savoir-faire and savoir-vivre.

January 2018 – Jesus and the Statue of the Light

Receive the blessing of the statue of God the Light, which is growing and taking its place in the subtleness of the soul of the Earth. Jesus was this statue of God the Light. He carried it in him and his words united the heaven and earth. He said: “What the Father-Mother says to me, I say to you.”

July 2017 – From Mortal Man to Immortal Man

During the magnificent celebration of our Father Uriel, an Essene asked the fundamental question: “Can we read the ancient sacred texts like the Gospels, the Torah, the Koran, the Tao Te King . . . ?” Of course we can read them and study them, for nothing must be foreign for an Essene and we need to cultivate ourselves, but these texts are filled with concepts, with magical images controlled by egregores that are no longer in the living alliance with the higher worlds of God.

June 2017 – The Path of Essene Silence

The living light in the Garden is born and feeds itself from the energy of silence. This silence is not that of nature, it is made possible through the accomplished work in the re-emerging Essene Nation. To bring this silence to life, it is not enough to be part of the stillness, but first, to build a whole world so that it can come and settle there. It is like building a nest so that a bird lays an egg and hatches it.

April 2017 – The Garden of Light and Silence

The “news” that emanate from the world of men often carry an echo of war, disorder and generate a subtle despair that slyly takes effect. That is why, more and more, we have to develop the “Essene news” and be connected to others in a permanence of body and spirit.

February 2017 – God the Mother: Our Path of Going Back Up

My Loved-ones,
All my time is taken putting down the first foundations for the garden of the Light. The circle of builders of the country of the Maple Tree have asked to be restructured and I have gone to work with great pleasure. Every day, you are in my prayers, my practice of the Worship and my heart.
I adored talking to you about the cell that came out of God and rebelled to finally become the Usurper. This teaching comes from the Angels and you will be able to go deeper into it in manuscript number 11 of the worship of the Light in our academy.

July 2016 – Going Through the Door of the Jubilee

This month, I want to pass on to you my answer to the question of a brother because it can enlighten all the parents of the Light on what we must do in order to get ready for the great celebration of Michael.
Considering the message of the Angel of the Father transmitted during Gabriel 2016 and the beginning of the jubilee, what advice can you give us, what discipline should we do to be best prepared for the passage of the second step during the celebration of Michael?

June 2016 – Let Us Take the Last Step Towards the Communal Work of the Father: The Garden of Light

We are approaching the celebration of our Father Archangel Uriel, who will transmit the last psalms of the new Gospels of God to us. In this way the new Bible will have been written by our community and we will offer it to the world with devotion and love. It is certainly a beautiful work and a great step. I would like for each one to take the time to measure the work that we have done during these last 14 years.