Our Mission

Protect the sacred knowledge in all peoples

Created in 2015, the Essene library for the Memory of the Essene wisdom works to save the wisdom and preserve the culture and values of our tradition and of our ancestors, who are the memory and the roots of our existence on earth. It is committed to keep intact the writings and knowledge of initiates, the sacred teachings of the angels, archangels and of God light on the earth, transmitted through the envoys.

Knowledge is our only gate to salvation, the one that allows us to educate ourselves, to awaken ourselves, to find keys of understanding to live in awareness, more calmly and with dignity on earth. Having access to the source of this wisdom is a great opportunity and a chance.

Today's world, through information sources such as Wikipedia, gives us synthesized and “ ready to take out “ information, that just gives us the answer without allowing us to deepen, to check, to integrate; considering us like children who must have the answer without understanding.

The information needs to be accessible to us, and should allow us to understand why things are said, and what deeper meaning is behind the words.

Our Vision

Contribute to preserve the original knowledge

The aim of the Library is to keep pure and intact the sacred texts, and to offer the real culture to all, that means an opportunity to form within us a body of understanding   allowing to integrate a knowledge, to root it inside us through our study and our inner work, without being supported by the world of men, that synthesizes information for the only purpose to let us believe that we know, and to make consumers of stealth, incomplete, and unwise informations out of us.

Opening a worldwide library, offering:

  • Digital books
  • Audio and video mp3 lectures.
  • Videos
  • Music
  • Letters
  • Practical books offering exercises and rituals
  • Articles
  • Meditations
  • Photographs, illustrations
  • Many authors archive

Books in different languages: English, Italian, Greek, Spanish, German etc...

And all opportunities to provide information that will arise.

The Library will also provide paper documents for people like our parents, grandparents, who are not comfortable with the technology and still have a special relationship with the book. We must think past, present and future.

To achieve this :

  • The library is based on the love of the knowledge and the preservation of our heritage. It is vigilant and demanding on the quality of documents, so that the information and the texts transmitted are pure, authentic and based on a real message aimed to enlighten and provide intelligence.
  • The library operates as a foundation, with the generous contribution of its members and by donations.

The more you are supporting this global library project, the more we can make documents researches, layouts, corrections to provide to you on the site.

It is through your generosity that we will succeed in our mission.

We intend to contribute to the awakening of consciousness, to the influence of the true intelligence and to continue to preserve the heritage of our Tradition.